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Are you an admirer of old trees? Would you like to do something to save them? Become a member of our community by adopting an old, remarkable tree.

You can adopt a tree as an individual user of our webpage or as a group of friends or colleagues. If you aim for more you can even adopt a whole wood pasture. By adoption you should take some responsibility for the trees: find out and implement actions which help their protection.

For example you could share information about your tree on our webpage, on your Facebook page or other social media. You can write and publish articles to inspire others about old and remarkable trees. You can also organize awareness raising actions for local communities about the beauty and vulnerability of these trees.

An on the spot action would be to meet local stakeholders like mayors or shepherds of a wood pasture and tell them what an irrecoverable loss is when they cut down or burn these “living fossils”. Moreover you can free old freestanding trees overgrown by forest by by removing around them this „killing embrace”. For this type of activities, we offer professional help if necessary. And never forget to share these great achievements with us and others!

If you don’t have the possibility for such active involvement, you can still offer financial support for old tree and wood pasture conservation activities. For example you can support planting of seedlings or young trees on wood pastures where there is no tree regrowth risking the complete disappearance of the wood pasture habitat.

But be creative! Find out your own way of protecting trees and attracting others for this purpose! Be proud that you do something for nature which cannot protect itself!

For more information please contact us:

Steps of adoption:

  1. Register on our webpage and log in.
  2. Select a tree from the pages Map or Trees.
  3. Ask for adoption from the Tree details/Adoption page.
  4. Wait for confirmation from the administrator.
  5. Send us a short e-mail for in which kindly clarify what kind of responsibility you want to fulfill (for example regular visit of the tree and reporting about the condition of the tree; uploading new photos to the website; discussion with locals about the values of old trees; organizing programs; financial support for conservation actions on old trees and wood pastures; other innovative activities – we are happy about any initiative, just present us in an e-mail).

Please note that your name will appear on the page of the tree, if you don’t agree please let us know.